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Education is the key to success!  To ensure success as a full face mask instructor it's imperative to know your mask inside and out.  Our Accredited Instructor Course and Service Technician Course prepares you to give your students 100% confidence in their new equipment and the specialist training they receive from you.

Accredited Instructor Course

Accredited Instructor Course

The Accredited Instructor Course is two day 

course designed to prepare candidates to 

confidently and successfully conduct 

Integrated Diving Mask and Underwater Communications diver courses.

Successful completion of the course will allow candidates to apply directly to their 

training agency for their recognised full face mask certification.

Service Technician Course

Service Technician Course


The Service Technician Course is an intense one day course designed to show the skills and knowledge to safely service the Ocean Reef product range.

This qualification is valid for two years after which time a Service Technician Update is required.


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